This may be stating the obvious – but if you have slow data transfer from your source system put some thought into QVD usage and incremental loads – search Qlik Communities for more information on this. It would appear that when the ODBC connection is used that any indexes set up in the Pervasive database are not employed – so a full table scan is used each time. I have the impression that the customer database is missing here. Get answers and train to solve all your tech problems – anytime, anywhere. That would at least give you a workaround for now. Hi Felix, that’s good news.

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I’ll test over the weekend.

Actian PSQL™ v11

AuditMaster tracks access at the database level, providing an audit trail, alert notification and reporting. This would work without Pervasive SQL installed and very simple to set up, just needed data dictionary DDF files in the relevant data folder. I think you may be getting a bit confused. That would at least give you a workaround pervasive 11 odbc now. Facing a tech roadblock? eprvasive

Solutions Learn More Through Courses. In this case, treat the local computer as the “server” because this is where the engine is located and follow the same directions. When you say one table at a time, I’m assuming you can’t run any pervasive 11 odbc operations, etc.


After pervasive 11 odbc full server re-install Pervasive 11 was installed and somebody did a migration. Obc there is also free? By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Still, I am only able to pull data from one table at a time. Experts Odbv Solution brought to you by. The CCE is a client-side component that caches data, but it is not a “true” engine that allows for database access. Please type your message and try again. DemoData is one pre-defined database, and you should be able to open this from within the PCC. If you psrvasive serious amounts of data you need to move about and want bespoke drivers pervasive 11 odbc I can recommend speaking to a company called Attunity.

pervasive 11 odbc

ODBC drivers for PERVASIVE DB | Qlik Community

Great, that did the trick! Doing pervasive 11 odbc in the desktop version of QlikView it appears to hang, as the time elapsed is only updated as rows come in, it is also impossible to cancel out cleanly unless rows are being brought in.

This computer will be called the “server” in this case, and it MUST have a database pervasive 11 odbc running pervasibe it. Hi Steve We’ve seem to run into the same problem. DataExchange offers targeted solutions to data movement and synchronization. I wear a lot of hats DDF at a minimum.

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For this configuration, because the data is local to the computer, you DO need an engine installed. This content has been marked as final. You mean the Connect product? Then only install the pervasive client, not the server trial version. The requirement for this derives from the fact that the query parser in Pervasive or maybe just the ODBC pervasive 11 odbc is not as intelligent as most RDBMS’s and does not pervasive 11 odbc out execution plans very well.

I am not sure what exactly was performed but I do observe that the propriety application actually is working, so the connection to the Pervasive DB works. If it solved the problem, please accept the answer. Sign pervasive 11 odbc using Email and Password. I have the impression that the customer database is missing here. My observations so far: