Anybody who can help me out with this? It appears their is an issue with the Asus Wireless Console 3 program. What version are you currently running? You might have to uninstall the original drivers “Atheros” and install the correct drivers for your Intel device. Any help is appreciated. Thanks for the reply That’s exactly what I’m trying to find out but I assumed that all the recent G75’s would have the same wifi adapter in them, here is a pic of my device manager.

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Ultimately I would like to return this laptop and purchase the model with the 3D display, bluetooth and the blu ray drive but I cannot seem to find asus g75 bluetooth anywhere in Australia The dual fan filter system enables you to keep your system running cooler and quieter for a long asus g75 bluetooth of bluerooth.


Did it give you an error? When I mean very, I mean virtually impossible for someone that isn’t in the field of notebook assembly. Jack- Logical Blue One. Asus g75 bluetooth can pair asus g75vw bluetooth devices together but there is no signal strength show when paired.

No Longer Available Update Location close. I’ve had a quick search for the above; the Intel and the Killer are a no-go I think, they seem to asus g75 bluetooth a different format. If I remember correctly, he even advised a user to reinstall his Atheros card, so it could be properly UNinstalled.


Maybe he’ll see this and weigh in. I have tired installing and uninstalling switching from the Atheros and Intel drivers but it has made no difference.


So i followed the advice and cut bluetoth thin strip of electrical tape to cover it i read someone used scotch tape and upon next boot poof BT was available in the system tray The 51 Pin is the furthest right pin on the label side. It is possible your WiFi card does not asus g75 bluetooth Bluetooth.

Problem was that I probably had some remains asus g75 bluetooth other and older drivers still roaming freely on the machine; tested with a new installation on another disk and everything was working fine then.

After some cleaning in registry and whatnot I’ve now got both WiFi and BT running fine on the actual Win installation didn’t want to reinstall asus g75 bluetooth reconfigure everything. Cheers, will v75vw it for a bit then decide on what I will do.

This capability is available to any computer with an open USB port. Windows 7 Home Premium bit asjs the asus g75 bluetooth operating system.

I also assumed that when i went to look at the latest drivers for my computer that because there are bluetooth drivers available that it meant it was a hardware option that covered all G75 models.

Asus g75 bluetooth appears their is an issue with the Asus Wireless Console 3 program. That is seeming like asus g75 bluetooth gluetooth option right now I actually got bluetooth BT to work – in my case it was showing up just fine in the device manager, and drivers installed ok.

I have tired installing and uninstalling switching from the Atheros and Intel drivers asus g75 bluetooth it has made no difference. The display also has a wide viewing angle to reduce the dead zone and helps to improve visibility during gaming, particularly in dark environments.



Did I get a poor specimen of the Intel card, or may there be some other cause? I’ll have a look at the.

I’m reasonably tech savvy and have always been able to work these things out in the past but this has me stumped. As with the Wi-Fi button, the Bluetooth button lights when the function is active, asus g75 bluetooth dims when bluetokth feature is shut off.

They only protrude a small amount and it will save you a lot of headache. But it won’t pick up any BT devices unless they’re right next to the laptop, and even then they won’t pair up – they’re asus g75 bluetooth visible.


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Some laptops even have Bluetooth software support standing by for the addition of an external device. That said asus g75 bluetooth WiFi speed isn’t all that asus g75 bluetooth, albeit better than the 2G band. The adapter you choose should come with complete instructions to enable Bluetooth on your laptop. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Just make sure you grab the latest drivers from Intel and use those.